LastSwab is still LastSwab, but our mission is to create more high quality alternatives to single-use items. Therefore going forward our products will be created under the banner of LastObject. On you can purchase and read about LastSwab and our upcoming products. Like LastTissue. In order to combat the environmental destruction caused by single-use items, we will launch several new products on 2020.

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We’re a small team dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to single-use items. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark we’re working to make our world a better place, one swab at a time. About one and a half years ago we read that 550 billion cotton swabs are produced every year, many of which are polluting, spoiling and killing our oceans, this is why we created LastSwab, the eco-friendly alternative to the cotton swab.

Stop Single-Use

We strongly believe that the age of single use plastic as well as the “use and discard culture” have come to an end and the recent legislative measures from EU support this vision. We want LastSwab and upcoming reusable products to be part of a future where we are much more thoughtful of how we spend our resources so that maybe our grandchildren will laugh at how grandad used to throw out products he had only used once, as if there was a planet B.

We Raised $1.1 Million

It All Started On Kickstarter

We seem to have hit a nerve among many consumers as more than 30,000 backers said goodbye to the single-use cotton swabs and bought the LastSwab during our initial crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

In fact, many pre-pledged their purchase even before the launch date of the campaign. This initial success shows the potential of transforming traditional single-use products into reusable ones, and the LastSwab is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s ears to this radical change of how we view products.

The goal is to have our products available all over the world in mainstream retail outlets such as Walmart and Tesco in order to secure significant impact.